Nitrogen generators HF30N and HF60N without compressors

The HF30N and HF60N nitrogen generators are ideal for use in laboratories that already have a central compressed air supply or where a source of clean compressed air is available at the place of use such as a Dürr Technik compressor or compressor station.HF30N and HF60N are optimised for the current LC-MS systems (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry), which are increasingly used in laboratories for analysis.Thanks to their compact design and low weight, the nitrogen generator can be mounted on the workbench or underneath. Efficient nitrogen separation ensures a reduced total air requirement and at the same time ensures the production of high purity nitrogen. This results in lower real operating costs and a reduced carbon footprint.Nitrogen supply up to 64 L/min to 7 bar with purity up to 99.5%.Nitrogen generator with integrated nitrogen accumulator within the unitProven 3-stage air filtration and high-quality separation membrane for improved N2 purity
Technical data:- Nominal voltage (V AC): 230- Nominal frequency (Hz): 50- Nominal power (kW): 0,12- Protection class: IP54- Ambient conditions (ºC): +5 to +35- Weight (kg): 45- Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 540x640x450

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