Nitrogen generators HF30N-MG and HF60N-MG without compressors

The HF30N-MG and HF60N-MG nitrogen generators are ideal for use in laboratories that already have a central compressed air supply or where a source of clean compressed air is available at the place of use such as a Dürr Technik compressor or compressor station.HF30N-MG and HF60N-MG are optimised for the current LC-MS systems (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry), which are increasingly used in laboratories for analysis.Nitrogen supply up to 64 L/min to 7 bar with purity up to 99.5%.- Consumption-dependent on-site production of nitrogen- The nitrogen generator also supplies dry instrument air as source and exhaust gas- Suitable for continuous operation- Specially designed for Sciex, Bruker and Shimadzu LC-MS instruments- High quality separation membrane.- High quality air membrane dryer- Nitrogen pressure container: 5.0 liters.- 2 stages Coalescing and particle filters- Final stage activated carbon filter.- Safety valves installed in pressure vessels.- Non-return valve.- Pressure regulator.- Nitrogen and dry air outlet connection 1/4' BSPP female (G1/4 female).
Technical data:- Nominal voltage (V AC): 230- Nominal frequency (Hz): 50- Nominal power (kW): 0,12- Protection class: IP54- Ambient conditions (ºC): +5 to +35- Weight (kg): 45- Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 540x640x450

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