OsmoTouch 1/OsmoTouch 20/ OsmoTouch 40 automatic osmometers

OsmoTouch are automatic equipment for the rapid determination of the cryoscopic point variation (osmolality) in biological fluids, pharmaceutical samples and other solutions. OsmoTouch 20 and OsmoTouch 40 models have a 20-place autosampler carousel and 40-place autosampler carousel, respectively.
These new generation osmometers include a lot of useful features that the most recent technology allows: a full colour 7' touchscreen display, real- time visualization of the freezing curve, stable memory for more than 4,000 results, a PC software for data handling, a USB port for downloading all data to a pen drive and much more. In particular, all OsmoTouch model are designed with characteristics in compliance with FDA norm 21 CFR Part 11, such as the set up of two different password levels, results including date, hour and username, without any possibility to modify them.
Compacts and stardies, can work with room temperatures up to 36°C. They are perfect for pharmaceutical/cosmetic/homeopathic applications and for uses in hospitals and R&D laboratories. Excellent for analysis of semiviscous samples.

- Real-time graph of the sample temperature during each analysis
- An alphanumeric ID code can be added to each sample, easily
- Optional barcode reader for a quick sample identification (with an additional RS232 port to be requested when ordering)
- Results shown in different colours for a quick identification of anomalies or critical values
- Features in compliance with the FDA norm 21 CFR Part 11: set up of two different password levels (administrator and user), results with date, hour and username (electronic signature) and unmodifiable results to avoid any fraud
- Stable memory for 3 different calibration curves based on the favorite analytical ranges
- Stable memory for up to 4,000 results
- Easy download of test results to a USB pen drive
- Real time PC monitoring or quick download of test results to a PC with CryoSoft Touch data handling software
- Immediate visualization of error messages

- Full colour 7' touchscreen display
- Bath with Peltier cells controlled by software
- Working room temperature: from +5°C to +36°C
- Automatic calibration
- Lash and agitation width controlled by software
- Test duration: about 2-3 minutes/sample (from 0 to 900 mOsm/Kg)
- Instrument warm up time: about 5 minutes
- USB port for data downloading to a pen drive
- 2 x RS232 ports for connecting an optional thermal printer and a PC
- An additional RS232 port can be added for connecting an optional barcode reader, upon request
- Power supply: 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz, 150 W

All osmometers are supplied with a 'starter-kit' including a box of disposable tubes, a tube-holder, 3 calibration standards and a cooling liquid bottle.

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