Force Gauge PCE-PTR 200N

This penetrometer is a handy and practical device for controlling the degree of ripeness of different types of fruit, providing valuable information on the optimum harvest time and on the ripening process in chambers, transport and sale. It is a digital model that offers greater precision and resolution when measuring. Includes 3 different struts (for different types of fruit) that are easily screwed on.
The penetrometer indicates the force exerted on the fruit in grams, so if you want to obtain the pressure exerted in kg/cm², you must take into account the section of the selected prop.

- Peak Hold function
- Mounting holes on the back (optional accessory)
- USB interface

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PCE Penetrómetro para fruta PCE-PTR 200N. PCE. Rango: 0 - 200 N. Resolución: 0,1 N. Calibración de presión: 1 MPa. Rango: 1 - 100 % del total de la escala. Precisión: ± 0,5 %. Unidades: N, Kg, Lb PCEPTR200N Buy