Peristaltic pump PeriPump

Peristaltic pump that can be used to sample almost everywhere, including barrels, drums, wells, rivers and the sea. The practical set comes with everything that is needed to obtain samples.
It has a long battery life to take water samples up to 8 m deep. The system has been tested with water at a depth of 1 meter and the flow rate is 3 liters per minute.
There are 2 settings on the pump, 1 (slow) and 2 (fast). The slowest setting provides a flow rate of approximately 1 liter per minute. The flow ultimately depends on the depth and viscosity of the product.
It works well with liquids that vary in viscosity from water to shampoo.
It is reversible to reverse the flow direction.
It is supplied with 10 meters of silicone tube.

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