PetriSwiss PS900

The unique PetriSwiss PS900 is a fully automatic and very precise Petri Dish filling system, 'made in Switzerland', for high through-put filling and true walk away.Preload of 400 Dishes, reload at any time, filling under UV light in covered filling chamber, Agar is applied by the unique 10-roller double head peristaltic pump with low pulsation, Vibramix for equal distribution of Agar and stacking from 1-20 dishes or pushed on the optional push-out table, operated by a touch screen.The 10-roller double pump head ensures a uniform and non-pulsatory pumping rates up to 80 ml/min. The AntiDrop function suppresses dripping. The PS900 is a heavy duty worker in Dish filling. Dish stacks of required height: Free selectable stack height (1 to 20 dishes/stack) and can also be adapted for continuous further processing. No need for reloading or counting.Program data, parameters and operating information are clearly displayed and understandably on an easy-readoff, backlit graphic display. Entries are made via assigned keys (softkeys) and a numeric keypad.
- Ideal for filling 90mm Petri Dishes- UV-lamp integrated-Adjustable speed- Rapid filling of approx.800 Dishes/h (15ml)- Easy to use + easy to calibrate- Preload 400 Dishes- Graphic display with backlighting for perfect read-off- Dosing quantities, speed, pause and AntiDrop function- Easy to clean, side door and service drawer- 1-99 ml dosing range- Large diameter double tubings- Optional Push-out table and second pump connection for blood agar- Ink jet printer optional

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