Photometer PCE-LED 20

This LED luxmeter is used in all those places where it is necessary or advisable to check the lighting conditions. Allows positioning of the external light sensor using the 1.5m coiled cable. Measurements are possible with the LED lux meter in lux or footcandle. The measuring sensor of the LED lux meter has a large exposure area. For convenience, the sensor is located on a coiled cable that can be extended to full length only when needed. A protective cap on the sensor prolongs its life. This protective cap should be placed on the sensor during storage. In addition, the protective cap is required when a zero adjustment is to be performed on the LED lux meter.

- Accuracy oriented white light LED
- HOLD, MIN-MAX, AVG-HOLD functions
- 2.5 measurements per second
- Automatic range selection

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PCE Luxómetro LED PCE-LED 20. PCE. Rango: 40 / 400 / 4000 / 40000 / 400000 lux, 40 / 400 / 4000 / 40000 fc. Precisión: ± 3 % (con fuente de luz incandescente estándar a 2856 K y luz blanca LED), ± 6 % para otros tipos de fuente de luz visible PCE-0LED20 Buy