AVA Software

The AVA software allows control from a single stir plate to a jacketed reactor system
There are 4 levels of software available depending on the application.
-level 1: allows control up to 4 stirring plates and control the temperature with a probe.
-level 2: allows you to control up to 4 agitator plates and / or 4 engines stirring and temperature control.
-level 3: Allows you to control up to 4 systems jacketed reactors, mechanical agitators,
thermostats and temperature.
-Level 4: Allows you to control up to 4 reactor systems with up to 16 devices, interconnect
devices, methods create complex stages in series or in parallel, and create alarms and safety limits.

AVA Software Kit includes:
- Software AVA
- Laptop
- Kits Level 1 and 2 include 2-Port Data Hub
- Kits Level 3 and 4 include 4 Port Data Hub

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