Cooled Carousel 6 Plus™ Reaction Station

The Cooled Carousel Plus Radleys to work from room temperature to -78 °C ensuring an identical stirring reaction flasks 6 (from 5 to 250ml), easy viewing of them, able to work under inert atmosphere, ease of learning and management and lack of maintenance.

Turn your Carousel 6 Plus for heating in a chemical reactor to cold.

The Cooled Carousel 6 Plus uses the same range of glassware and accessories Carousel 6 Plus™

If your work is just cold, use Cooled Carousel 6 Plus as an independent unit.

HDPE container is compatible with a wide range of refrigerant mixtures including dry ice / acetone for manual control of the temperature to -78 ° C. The Cooled Carousel not be used for temperatures above ambient, must not be heated. The cover reduces condensation and ice formation around the reactors facilitating extraction head thereof. Keeps the bath temperature longer.
The patented design ensures Carousel vigorous stirring and uniform 6 positions when used with a magnetic stirrer Carousel. To be equidistant from the center of magnetic rods magnetic stirrer ensures that all positions agitated at the same speed.

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