Boreas ultra low temperature freezers

The range of Ultra-Freezers -85ºC from Telstar has vertical models (Upright) and horizontal cabinets (Chest).
Interior completely in stainless steel AISI 304.
VIP insulation with ultra-thin vacuum insulation panels. With only 80 mm of insulation, more effective insulation is created than 125 mm of polyurethane foam.
100% natural ecological refrigerants, free of CFC, HCFC and HFC.
Low sound level and low energy consumption Boreas green line only uses high quality compressors and energy efficiency. The combination with the use of natural refrigerants get the optimal performance of your compressors with the lowest energy consumption and noise levels around 50 dB (A). This fact is recorded according to NEN-EN-ISO 11202.
Standard features include: Heated pressure equalization valve, 2 (+2) access ports, 4 adjustable height trays with 5 interior doors, RS485 and remote alarm and wheels for travel.
Perfect Fit sealing system for the door with heated gasket to prevent the formation of ice.
Easy cleaning of the filter.
Wide range of accessories (Racks, Boxes, Backup CO2, Backup LN2, Recorder 7 days, etc.)

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