Sieve air shaker AJ 200 N

The AJ 200 N sieve shaker is used for particle separation on dry products. With the air flow, the particles are swept away by the air flow and they will pass through the sieve, in order to make them go through it. This effect is reached by using an air flow (vacuum) which provokes a controlled depression.
The equipment counts with a system if 10 menus with 10 different user programs that can be set depending on the needs of the customer. They also kept stored in the flash memory. The parameters to be set are the time, the name of the program, the visualization units of pressure and the speed of diffusion.
Applications: for all kind of dry materials, from 10µm to 4mm. Recommended for electrostatic materials.

- Supply 85 to 264vac / 47 to 63hz.
- Speed of rotation of the slotted and adjustable nozzle, from 1 to 100rpm.
- Designed following the standards of the une-en933-10 (aggregates).
- Consumption 20w.
- Sieving parameters adjustable digitally and visually.
- Digital regulation with mixer.
- Product movement: air flow.
- Maximum sieve column capacity: 0,5 Kgr.
- Fraction maximum number: 1.
- Time indications: 1 to 99 minutes.
- Depression range: 0-10 KPa / 0-1'45psi/0-100mbar.
- 200mm diameter sieves.
- Maximum sieve tower height: 50 mm.

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