Disposable cuvettes

Cuvettes for spectrophotometry application in the visible spectrum. Clear and sharp optical path with indication of the optical path direction. They are made of optical PS and UV grade PMMA and are equipped with optically machined walls (optical faces) to ensure optimal transparency along the spectral field from 340 to 800 nm (optical PS) and from 280 to 800 nm (UV grade PMMA). Available in the macro version (4.5 ml), low-form semi-micro (1.5 ml), high-form semimicro (2.5 ml), with 2 or 4 optical faces.
The two optical face version has grooves on the two walls not optically machined to provide a better grip and to prevent positioning errors. They are compatible with most of the spectrophotometers and photometers on the market. The production technology and quality control determine reproducibility of the cuvettes. The absorption changes are kept within the ± 1% interval, an extremely important condition especially for analyses in series.

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