Spiral platers EasySpiral®

The EasySpiral® patented technology allows the automatic plating of your sample on a Petri dish in only 25 seconds with a decreasing concentration replacing up to 4 necessary dilutions with a sensitivity from 300 to 130 000 CFU/ml. EasySpiral® is equipped with an innovative unique stylus cleaning device, for the guarantee of perfect disinfection of the stylus and no risk of cross-contamination.
Applications: microbiological tests, food control, MIC control of antibiotics, cosmetics control (challenge test) and pharmaceutical control.

Technical specifications:
- Controlled by microprocessor
- Full cycle time: 25 seconds
- Syringe capacity: 1000 µl
- Successive plating capacity with the same sample: 20 Petri dishes (50 µL)
- Deposition mode: circle, exponential and uniform*
- Overflow technology: 8 bares pressure
- Automatic monthly cleaning programm
- Cleaning autonomy: 600 cycles (2L bottles)
- Traceability: Excel® data export*
- USB programmable volume: 10 to 1000 µL*

Delivered with: 1000 sterile beakers, 1 blue dye for testing, 1 Enzyclear liquid detergent, 4 sets of GL45 connectors autoclavables, spiral counting grids: 90 mm & 150 mm*, power cable, user manual, 150 mm Petri dish ring*, software on a CD-ROM*, USB cable*.
(*Only for easySpiral® Pro)

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