Compact thermometers for the food sector

Testo 103: The food thermometer testo 103 is the smallest folding thermometer of this kind and is therefore perfect for testing in the food industry. Complies with the HACCP and EN 13485 certified and ITC 3701/2006.

Testo 104: The food thermometer testo 104 is the first waterproof thermometer. Complies with the HACCP and EN 13485 certified Washable with tap water according to IP65.

Testo 106: The thermometer testo 106 is fast, robust and small. Provided with a thin, robust probe ideal for measuring inside of food in hotels, supermarkets, gastronomic societies, etc. In combination with TopSafe the instrument is sealed against dirt and splashes and immune to small bumps. Complies with the HACCP, the 13485 and is certified according to ITC 3701/2006.

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