Chemistry Vacuum Systems and Chemistry Pumping Units

Complete vacuum systems and pumping units offer the advantage of a ready for operation assembly and an optimal configuration with useful accessories.
- Particularly efficient are the vacuum systems and pumping units for simultaneous handling of 2 autonomous vacuum processes. Effective non-return valves protect against reciprocal impact. High pump performance even in parallel operation
- Compact design, space-saving and high flexibility
- Plain surfaces for easy cleaning
- High user comfort by well proven configurations
- High vapour tolerance for water and solvents
- Low noise level
- Reasonable ultimate vacuum even with open gas ballast valve
- Vacuum controller CVC 3000 with 14 languages, ergonomic position, 10 free programme spaces for automated and reproducible process sequences per electronically regulated connection
- Energy-efficient
- Uniform construction and position of on / off switcher, power supply, fuse holder, RS 232C interface and VACUU.BUS® connecting socket
- Mains supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
- With analogue and digital I / O module

PC 510 Select / PC 610 Select: Chemistry diaphragm pump mounted on pump support, inlet catchpot with solenoid-operated isolation valve, vacuum controller with integrated air admittance valve mounted on controller support with multiple mains socket for central plugging, exhaust waste vapour condenser.

PC 511 Select / PC 611 Select: See PC 510 NT / PC 610 NT, additional vacuum port with manual flow control including non-return valve against cross interference.

PC 520 Select / PC 620 Select: Chemistry diaphragm pump mounted on pump support, inlet catchpot with 2 solenoid-operated isolation valves, control of 2 applications with a VACUU-SELECT controller.

AK: separator for condensate. Synchro: system with two manually controlled vacuum connections. EK: exhaust waste vapour condenser.

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