CRVpro rotary vane vacuum pumps

The CRVpro series two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps are characterized by high reliability, low maintenance requirements and long equipment life. CRVpro pumps are the perfect complement for freeze dryers, Schlenk lines, vacuum concentrators, gloveboxes and other applications where a final vacuum of up to 10-3 mbar is required.

- Reduced risk of chemical attacks and oil breakdown by diluting chemical vapors with a larger oil chamber
- Slowing down corrosion by cool running operation
- Less oil consumption by cool running operation
- Exhaust system to reduce noise and oil mist
- Gerotor oil pump for better lubrication of the pump
- Anti-suction valve
- Power supplied: 220-240V/50Hz

Welch Directorr™ Premium vacuum pump oil is a triple distillation hydrocarbon from a severely hydrotreated base and designed to withstand decomposition at high RPM and operating temperatures of direct drive vacuum pumps. Hydrotreating virtually eliminates aromatics and sulfur to provide good resistance to sediment formation over time in corrosive environments.

- Low vapor pressure
- Suitable for high-RPM direct-drive vacuum pumps
- No additives or inhibitors
- Light yellow color

Every pump is supplied complete with Directorr™ Premium vacuum pump oil, centering rings, clamps and motor overload protection, ready for use after oil filling.

Basic package includes: CRVpro pump, AKD 16 oil mist separator, 2-way ball valve, hose connector DN 16KF-10/8 mm, vacuum hose (1,5m) and oil change kit.

Measurement package includes: CRVpro pump, PIZA 111 cr-gold digital vacuum gauge, AKD 16 oil mist separator, 2-way ball valve, T-piece, hose connector DN16KF-10/8 mm, vacuum hose (2.5m) and kit for oil change.

Schlenk line package includes: CRVpro pump, AKD 16 oil mist separator, 2-way ball valve, KFG16 glass cold trap, adapters and connecting parts.

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