Vaccum controller VACCU-Select Complete

The VACUU-SELECT complete controller provides enhanced process efficiency to applications supported by a vacuum source such as a basic pump or a powerful vacuum network. Use manual set-point-control for simple processes, run pre-defined applications at the touch of a button, or create your own application with simple drag-and-drop editing. The controller is available as a benchtop unit, ready for mounting on lab scaffolding, or as a built-in version for lab casework. The integrated controller includes the VACUU-SELECT vacuum controller, a check valve, and a chemical-resistant solenoid isolation valve. The ceramic vacuum sensor and venting valve are built right into the body of the VACUU-SELECT controller. The compact unit is easy to install and setup. With its intuitive, application-based interface, the controller offers predefined vacuum processes for all common laboratory applications. In the case of solvent evaporation, it detects the boiling pressure and then holds the pressure level stable using two-point control.

- ATEX approval: II 3/- G IIC T4 X Internal Atm. only
- Protection: IP40
- Protection on front side: IP42
- Max. power for VACUU-BUS® (24V DC): 4 A
-Interface: Ethernet and USB (Type A)
- Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 127x187x191
- Weight (kg):2

Supplied with VACUU-SELECT complete controller bench-top device, with solenoid valve, non-return valve, integrated ceramic diaphragm vacuum sensor and venting valve. With power supply, ready to use, with manual.

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VACUUBRAND Controlador de vacío VACUU-Select Complete. VACUUBRAND. Rango de medida (mbar): 1080-0,1. Precisión (mbar): < ±1 mbar ± 1 dígito. Coeficiente medida: < 0,15 mbar. Rango temp. (ºC): 10-40 0225445623 Buy