Vacuum Gauge

The DVR 2pro is a fully electronic, versatile vacuum gauge for the measuring range from atmospheric pressure to 1 mbar. All wetted parts are made from enhanced chemical resistant material which allows the use under very rough laboratory conditions.
One of the main enhancements is the power supply with a normal 9 V alkaline battery. The battery slot at the back of the gauge allows for easy replacement of the battery. The easy use and the combined digital/analogue display for fast and clear trend indication make the DVR 2pro a very versatile vacuum gauge.

Technical Data:
- Measuring range: 1060 to 1mbar (hPa)
- Measuring accuracy: < ±1 mbar ± 1 digit
- Mains supply: 9 V alcaline battery
- Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 1115x90x115
- Weight: 0,4 kg

The DCP 3000 is an outstanding vacuum gauge for rough and fine vacuum. A large illuminated display shows the measured values of all sensors by a simple turn of a button. The VSK 3000 vacuum sensor with ceramic diaphragm measures from atmospheric pressure down to 0.1 mbar. It displays absolute pressure independent of gas type, is very corrosion resistant and has an outstanding accuracy and long term stability. Simultaneous connection of up to eight vacuum sensors allows flexible measuring on the spot. The DCP 3000 communicates with external components via the VACUU·BUS® digital bus system. It is characterized by fully automatic configuration, unified plug connections and cable lengths of up to 30m. In addition the DCP 3000 offers relative pressure measurements (VSK 3000 as reference) and a data logger feature for up to 32.000 data values.

Technical Data
- Measuring range: 1080 to 0,1mbar
- Uncertainy of measurement: < ± 1mbar
- Mains supply: 100 to 230 V / 50 to 60Hz
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 144 x 124 x 114mm
- Weight: display unit: 0,44kg, external sensor: 0,18kg

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