Washer-disinfector PG 8583 and PG 8593 series

The PG series highlighted by a clever combination of components completely designed from scratch with new programs for specific applications and comprehensive monitoring functions.
- New Cuba with a hygienic design rounded corners without heating elements in sight
- Positioning of water and air ticket at the bottom of Cuba to increase production flexibility and load cycle
- New steam condenser to improve drying and reduce cycle times
- They have, depending on the model, an active hot air drying or EcoDry DryPlus system that uses the high temperature of the vapors of the wash cycle to improve drying the glass.
- The deposit of salt accessible on the door and the Auto-Close function facilitate work processes to the operator.
- Capacity: Eg 128 laboratory flasks or 98 pipettes
- Drawer for accommodation for 2 product deposits of 5 lc / or
- Integrated pumps for dosing liquid media: PG 8583-2 / 8593 PG 1 with possibility to connect 2 DOS K 85 / PG 8583CD 2 external pumps can be connected to a third external pump DOS K 85
- Arms Control included sprinklers
- Control pressure washing included
- Tomas cold water, hot and demineralised
- Electrical connection 3N AC 400V / 50Hz - 230V AC 1N 50Hz

AD: It takes water from the final rinse network (Pres minimum 2bar.)
ADP: Take water from the final rinse tank unaided (Pres less than 2bar.)

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