WATERLAB water activity meter

Waterlab water activity meter use the highest precision technology, dew-point measurement, which provides faster and more accurate measurements.
Innovative calculation and temperature control systems allows you to perform different types of analyses: from simple control measurements to specific shelf life tests for each individual case.

- Sensor block with front opening for easy sample insertion and cleaning
- Equipped with a fan to even out the head space, a high-seal chamber with a gasket capable of guaranteeing very little environmental interference
- Calibration and control modes allow the operator to optimize times even for multiple analyses of samples with very different water activity (Aw) values
- Total flexibility in data management (storing information, producing graphics, saving the operator name, etc)
- Easy-to-use software with pop-up and warning systems for easy workflow management
- Administrator and user management by password
- USB ports outputs for connection to external PC and for downloading data onto mobile memory cards. Set up for connection to external barcode readers and printers and LIMS system
- 7' colour touchscrenn graphic display
- Automatic temperature compensation
- Infrared temperature sensor
- Calibration on 5 points: 0.250 - 0.500 - 0.760 - 0.920 -0.984
- Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 260x260x170
- Weight (kg): 0,385

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