Measurement system DBO BD 600

The OxiDirect system consists of 6 bottles closed in which the pressure drop, a result of oxygen consumption is measured as the genesis of CO2 counteracts with the present in the insulating seal bottle stopper potassium hydroxide. The method does not require use of mercury. The value is directly expressed in mg of oxygen.
- Large display with graphical representation of measured values
- It has Bluetooth, USB and SD card slot.
- Individualized for each of the six samples Programming.
- Selection of the measurement period between 1 and 28 days (BOD 5, BOD7, OECD ...)
- Automatic storage of results for all measured values.
- Measuring range from 0-40 mg / l to 0-4000 mg / l BOD, depending on sample volume.
- Automatic start once the samples tempered
- Respect the environment to be free of mercury.
- Inductive stirring system with automatic centering of stirring magnets.
- Operable by remote control

It comes with 6 sensor heads and control unit, battery unit inductive stirring power, 6 sample bottles, 6 supports, 6 magnets agitation, flasks overflow 157ml and 428ml, 1 bottle of 50 ml of potassium hydroxide solution 1 50ml bottle nitrification inhibitor solution 1 remote control and a USB cable.

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LOVIBOND Medidor DBO BD 600 6 sensores 230v. LOVIBOND. Incluye: BD 600, cable USB, Sistema de agitador magnético inductivo, 6 frascos de muestra, 6 estuches, 6 varillas agitadoras, mat aforados de 157 ml, matraces aforados de rebose 428 ml, 50 ml de solución de hidróxido de potasio, frasco de 50 ml de antinitrificante. 0002444460 Buy