MultiDirect photometer

The MultiDirect is a portable or bench-top photometer with great features in a small instrument. The tests are conducted using either Lovibond tablet reagents, VARIO powder reagents or using liquid reagents. The instrument is a filter photometer using 6 photodiodes and 6 interference filters without mobile parts. Interface R232. Software updates via internet. Dual beam technology. It comes factory programmed for the parameters of interest to the user. Operates with seven standard rechargeable batteries. Has a battery charger. The MultiDirect comes in a carrying case, which includes all the required accessories. The instrument is factory calibrated and it may be calibrated by the user with N.I.S.T standards. Weighs 1000g and has memory for 1000 results.

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Multi Direct

LOVIBOND Fotómetro MultiDirect. LOVIBOND®. Multi Direct. Fotómetro MultiDirect de doble haz. Tipo de reactivo: Varios 644-210000 Buy