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Find all the information about your chemical product

30 de November de 2023

Labels contain all of the necessary information on each chemical, vital for user safety and public health. They are also indispensable for safe handling by users, and the protection of the environment. 

Labels on chemicals provide important information about how to handle, store and dispose of the product safely. They also tell users what to do in case of contact with the product, whether on the skin, eyes, by ingestion or by inhalation. These indications can be vital in emergency situations. 

The information on the label helps users understand the potential risks associated with the product and what precautions to take to prevent accidents. For example, it may indicate if a chemical is flammable, toxic or corrosive. 

All Scharlau chemicals feature a label that follows a certain template.

Scharlau chemical product label with all items and their meaning Scharlau chemical product label with all items and their meaning

Below is a list of the information detailed on our labels:

1. Product name

2. Grade/Quality

3. Catalogue part number

4. Volume

5. Product name in Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese

6. Batch number

7. Expiry date

8. Storage temperature

9. CAS number

10. EC number

11. Physical properties

12. User quality control

13. Transport information

14. UN number

15. QR code

16. Hazard pictograms

17. H&P phrases

18. Country of manufacture

19. Scharlau logo

20. Information on Scharlab, S.L.

21. Website


For further information or to enquire about other products or services, please write to helpdesk@scharlab.com.