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Choosing chemicals of the right quality

16 de November de 2023

In response to the various applications and requirements that our laboratory chemicals need to fulfil, we offer our customers a wide variety of grades for both, general and specific solvents and reagents.

Tabla de calidades de disolventes y reactivos Scharlau

Our general grade solvents and reagents are available in three grades:

  • EssentQ®: Chemicals for everyday use in the laboratory, including solvents and reagents used in organic synthesis, dissolution media for laboratory tasks, research and routine testing that do not require analytical grade reagents.
  • ExpertQ®: Products of this quality are mainly used for analytical laboratory procedures. ExpertQ® is a range of high-quality reagents for laboratory and includes solvents, salts, acids and bases, solutions and mixtures.
  • Pharmpur®: Products with a quality that complies with the pharmacopoeia monograph. All our Pharmpur® products comply with Ph. Eur. and/or USP, or other applicable regulations.

For specific grades, we have the following product ranges, which are also registered trademarks:

  • Multisolvent®: Mainly used for HPLC. However, it can be used in various applications. For example, for analysis, Karl Fischer, UV-VIS, in anhydrous solvent production, etc.
  • Titrasure®: Our range of secondary volumetric standards traceable to NIST. They guarantee high purity, high stability and good solubility in a variety of matrix.
  • Deterlabo®: This is Scharlau’s range for cleaning surfaces and laboratory equipment. Available in different formulations and presentations depending on the type of residue to be removed and whether cleaning manually or with a machine

Chemispill®: Our range of products with a high capacity to neutralise and absorb any spills that occur in the laboratory with maximum safety and reliability.

For further information or to enquire about other products or services, please write to helpdesk@scharlab.com.

Chemispill leaflet