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Current advances in B2B communication technologies offer new opportunities to make savings and improve our work efficiency. At Scharlab we have a clear and committed investment programme that allows our customers to make better use of them.

We believe that B2B relationships should be created within a framework of a long-term relationship, the cultivation of which, goes beyond mere company business interactions. Hence, both companies can optimise the commercial relations between them, which in turn will result in lower management costs, time savings and fewer operational transactions.

It was some 17 years ago, that Scharlab put at the disposition of our customers one of the first global market intranets, offering greater work efficiency. Today we can say that more than 500 companies work with Scharlab using our intranet systems.

Using “My account” you can:

Consult products, access all the necessary information, including prices and stock availability. Our search engine is optimised to enable you to find all our products easier and more intuitively.

Search by:

  • Our reference
  • The product description
  • By manufacturer
  • CAS number, for a chemical product
  • Cross-reference (reference from other suppliers)
  • Search by product category or by our brands

Have access to quick and easy online shopping.

Check the status of your orders and any pending items.

See despatch and delivery times.

Consult delivery notes and invoices.

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