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Everything for environmental laboratories

10 de November de 2023

Environmental laboratories perform different kinds of tests to assess the quality of the environment. Some of the most common analyses include: water analysis (both physicochemical and microbiological tests), analysis of air pollutants and chemical and biological pollutants in soil and waste.

Scharlab supplies a wide array of solutions for environmental laboratories.

Solvents for pesticide and ultra-trace analysis via gas chromatography (GC)

The solvents used in the analysis of pesticides and ultra-trace substances via gas chromatography (GC) are high purity products suitable for the extraction and concentration of environmental samples.

QuEChERS extraction kits

QuEChERS is a quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged and safe method developed for extracting multiple residues from fruits and vegetables which works by combining two stages: extraction and dispersion. QuEChERS is now also used to extract components from a wide variety of matrices, including milk, meat, fish, liver, honey, wine and soils.

Pesticide standards

Scharlab offers ready-to-use standard solutions, standard mixtures and neat standards, prepared and tested at ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 accredited laboratories. Custom-made mixtures of standards can also be prepared depending on the needs of each laboratory.

Scharlau Nutsche reactor

The Scharlau Nutsche reactor is an innovative tool for environmental laboratories that addresses filtration and drying challenges. The reactors filter, wash, resuspend and dry in a single process, improving quality and reducing operating times. Versatile and made from inert materials, ideal for environmental laboratories requiring accurate control. Notable for its efficient use of space and cost savings in controlled, automated processes.

Culture media on filtration plates

Plates with a 55 mm diameter, providing an ideal surface for filtration membranes and subsequent incubation while occupying minimal space in the incubator. They are specific culture media for testing different types of water.

These are just some of the products and services available for environmental laboratories. For more information or to find out about other products and services, write to helpdesk@scharlab.com.


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