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FAQ Private area

Does Scharlab have a private area or online shop?

Yes, more than 17 years ago Scharlab made one of the first global intranets in the market available to our customers. Recently improved, more than 1,500 companies currently work with us via a customised Scharlab B2C intranet. Our intranet allows instant access to all information related to Scharlab.

The main advantages of Scharlab’s private area are as follows:

  • Buying online
  • Checking prices and stock in real time
  • Checking the status of orders, delivery notes and invoices
  • Obtaining automated offers

In order to access Scharlab’s private area, you must complete the access form. If you are not yet a customer, please send an email with your details to consultas@scharlab.com.

Scharlab’s private area has an outlet section where you can find product batches close to expiry, this being one of the initiatives implemented to reduce the amount of waste.

Yes, drums collections can be requested from the private area, and you can also see pending returnable drums.