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Everything for laboratories in the cosmetics industry

10 de November de 2023

Laboratories in the cosmetics industry are engaged in the research, development, manufacture and quality control of cosmetic products. These laboratories play a key role in supplying consumers with safe, effective skincare, haircare and personal hygiene products.

The three main goals of the cosmetics industry are hygiene, safety and efficacy.

The cosmetics industry seeks to attain high hygiene levels through intensive monitoring of processes, facilities and personnel.

Manufacturers must also ensure that cosmetic products are free from pathogens and comply with microbiological safety levels. This is especially important to protect children, the elderly and immunologically depressed populations.

For the third objective, cosmetic products must be effective throughout their useful life.

Scharlab offers a wide range of solutions for laboratories that work in the cosmetics industry.

Broths for dilution with high inhibitory power

Standard formulas especially designed to neutralize the effects of the preservatives found in cosmetic samples: Eugon LT 100 Broth and Letheen Modified Broth.


Lyophilised and quantified microorganisms for growth promotion tests in culture media (MiStraCon® QuantyPellets).

There are two complementary ranges: our high concentration MiStraCon® QuantyE-Pellets for challenge studies, antimicrobial efficacy, method effectiveness assessments, etc., and another, qualitative range MiStraCon® Swabs2 which are easy to use for positive and negative controls, cultures and subsequent titrations.

Headspace GC analysis of volatile impurities

Headspace gas chromatography is a technique used to analyse the volatile solvents in a sample following a procedure that relies on the use of high-boiling products free of any volatile impurities.

Custom-made product service

Laboratory professionals face a hugely diverse array of challenges. We offer individual solutions or presentations developed in-house by our R&D department and certified by our laboratory to help address these needs. With over 70 years of manufacturing experience, we can provide top quality solutions tailored to each client’s requirements.

Scharlau Nutsche reactor

Scharlau Nutsche reactors are the answer to the challenges posed by filtration and drying processes in the cosmetics industry. This innovative equipment performs filtration, washing, resuspension and drying in a single process, improving quality and reducing operating times. With inert materials and versatility in solid-phase synthesis, these reactors are the ideal choice for filtration processes in the cosmetics industry.

These are just some of the products and services available for laboratories working in the cosmetics industry.

For more information or to find out about other products and services, write to helpdesk@scharlab.com.


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