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New easy-to-clean and easy-to-assemble glass chromatography columns

20 de November de 2023
Laboratory glassware

Chromatography plays an essential role in the separation and analysis of chemical compounds, as such it is a fundamental technique in both scientific research and industrial processes. Chromatography has benefited from constant development, leading to significant improvements in its precision and versatility. In this context, we present the innovative Scharlau interchangeable, easy-to-clean and easy-to-assemble glass chromatography columns.

Glass chromatography columns have long been the columns of choice in a variety of applications, thanks to their exceptional chemical and thermal resistance. Glass columns are widely used in the analysis of contaminants, drugs, vitamins and nucleic acids, as well as the purification of proteins. However, the constant pursuit to improve the technique has led us to develop a glass chromatography column that adapts to the changing needs of research.

Scharlau’s new design revolves around two key elements: 

  • A glass tube that functions as a universal chromatography column.
  • A stopcock, with or without a porous plate, that serves as a second component.

This innovation is designed to revolutionise chromatography because it offers a range of combinations, which allows the column to be customised to the specific requirements of each application.

The state-of-the-art design offers significant advantages, such as the ease of changing the porous plate by replacing the bottom component, which streamlines cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, components can be interchanged and adapted for multiple set-ups, providing unprecedented flexibility when configuring the chromatography system.

Scharlau’s new chromatography column promises to take glass column chromatography to the next level, equipping scientists and industry professionals with a versatile and powerful tool that meets their separation, purification and analytical needs.

For more information, write to helpdesk@scharlab.com.

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