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Schlenk component for experiments in inert atmospheres

31 de January de 2024
Laboratory glassware

Schlenk glassware is an essential component in organic and synthetic chemistry, designed to perform reactions under inert or controlled vacuum atmospheres. Its main function is to allow scientists to handle oxygen- or moisture-sensitive substances both safely and efficiently. These pieces are particularly useful in experiments that need to prevent reagent contamination or its reaction with air.

Scharlau has taken a leap forward with the design of a new Schlenk adapter. It transforms any closed glass piece with a ground joint or SAV joint into a versatile piece of Schlenk glassware, unlocking a whole range of possibilities for advanced experiments.

Advantages of the new Schlenk adapter

  1. Unlimited adaptability

    The Schlenk adapter stands out for its capacity to transform a wide variety of glassware, from round-bottomed flasks to test tubes. This means that a plethora of reactions and procedures can be performed in an inert atmosphere or under a vacuum, providing unparalleled flexibility in the laboratory.

  2. Greater efficiency of equipment

    The adapter offers the freedom to use the most suitable piece of glassware for each reaction, without having to purchase exclusively Schlenk glassware pieces. This maximises efficiency and optimises equipment selection, offering a more tailored approach to each experiment.

  3. Cost reduction

    The new Schlenk adapter not only improves efficiency, but also reduces costs by allowing the use of standard glassware already available in conventional laboratories. This eliminates the need for additional investment in specialised equipment.

  4. Simplification of the equipment and organisation

    The introduction of this revolutionary component not only provides benefits in terms of efficiency and costs, but it also simplifies the equipment needed in the laboratory. It optimises storage space and helps maintain a more organised working environment.

The new Schlenk adapter is a significant development for experiments performed under specific conditions. Its versatility, efficiency and cost-cutting capacity promise to transform the way scientists approach experimental chemistry in conventional laboratories.

For more information, please contact to helpdesk@scharlab.com.


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