Safety burner Phoenix

Lighter designed for use in microbiological safety cabinets and chemical laboratory, meeting the needs in R & D laboratories, industry and education.

- Three models available
- Large-screen navigation simple multilingual menu
- Easy to operate by hand, with the pedal on or with the motion sensor

Main features:

Phoenix II standard
- Color monitor
- Activation of the flame by sensor, pedal (included) or manual ignition

Phoenix II eco
- Best suited for safety cabinets
- Activation of the flame through the pedal (included) or manual ignition
- Economic and reliable Model

Phoenix II accu
- Color monitor
- Ideal for mobile operations
- Integrated High Power Battery
- Operating time battery: up to 15 hours continuous operation
- Activation of the flame by sensor, pedal (not included) or manual ignition
- Battery Charger High Speed
- Overload protection

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