Scan® 50 and Scan® 50 PRO manual colony counters

Scan® 50 and Scan® 50 Pro are manual colony counters with multiple ergonomic supports (posture, vision, hearing). The Dark Field 2 technology offers an indirect, and precise LED lighting of the colonies. The export of the counting result, by USB link to a computer, ensures the traceability of the data, without preliminary processing by software.

Technical specifications:
- Touch surface with adjustable sensitivity, the touch surface is doubled by a sound or light signal
- Inclined and padded counting surface
- Dark Field 2 technology for high contrast colony lighting
- Adjustable LED intensity: 5 lighting levels and can be turned off
- 9 different counting tones with 5 volume levels
- For all Petri dishes: 55, 65, 90, 150mm Ø, PetriFilm™, CompactDry™, MC-Media Pads™, easyPlate™, filtration membranes
- Multifunction digital display
- Counting keys duplicated on each side of the keyboard, for left or right-handed operators
- Counting: from 0 to 1999 CFU
- Integrated USB port
- Data export to LIMS, under CSV format (Excel™) or text format (Word™)

Scoope of delivery Scan 50: power cord, USB cable, 1 white diffusing background and user manual. Magnifying glass not included.
Scoope of delivery Scan 50 PRO: power cord, USB cable, 1 white diffusing background, user manual and headset. Magnifying glass not included.

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