Hei-CHILL recirculating chillers

The Hei-CHILL models are specifically designed for reliable continuous operation in the laboratory offering cooling capacities of 400 to 1,100 W.The magnetic coupling of the pump and electric motor prevents leakages at the pump shaft.Features:- RS-232 interface for activating your device via a Hei-VAP Expert Control or Ultimate Control or via the Heidolph laboratory software solutions- Sustainable and environmentally friendly using natural refrigerants (R-290) and an optimized control- Low operating noises for a trouble-free work- Large LED display, membrane keypad, and window for monitoring the tempering liquid level- Automatic start and shut down feature- Hei-CHILL 400 PRO model have a compact design, light weight for a flexible positioning on the laboratory bench, in a fume hood or, due to its increased pumping capacity, also under the laboratory bench- Hei-CHILL 700 PRO and Hei-CHILL 1100 PRO models have touchscreen controller with glass surface and integrated level indicator- Hei-CHILL 700 PRO and Hei-CHILL 1100 PRO models have high performance for achieving the target temperature quickly and for keeping values constant even when using high-polar solvents

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