Hei-VAP Core rotary evaporators

The Hei-VAP Core rotary evaporators are a new generation of easy-to-use and highly robust rotary evaporators that greatly simplify daily work. Equipped with details such as the Easy-Clip for the easy change of the flasks, patented clamping sleeve, lifting stop to limit the immersion depth, universal bath for evaporation flasks up to 5L, high resistance PTFE vacuum gasket, various glass accessories, etc.

- Available as hand or motor lift models
- Models with XL refrigerant with 57% more condensing surface
- Clear digital 3.5' LCD display for monitoring the current values and separate button to display the set values
- To protect the electronics, the operating panel is splash water protected in accordance with IP 42
- Two separate operating knobs for adjusting the rotation speed and heating temperature with LED ring light system for activity indication residual. Residual heat indicator when >50 °C. Lock function to avoid inadvertent adjustments
- Standby button stops all functions and lifts the evaporator flask out of the heating bath on motor lift models
- Stainless Steel bath with ergonomic handles and easy pouringEasily adjust immersion depth up to 155 mm and the tilt angle of the evaporating flask from 20° to 80°
- Grease-free operation thanks to innovative sealing technology
- Ventilation cap with PTFE inlet and free of ground joints. Optionally available with replenishment valve
- Optional cable extension: the operation panel can be disassembled for use outside the smoke extraction hoods

- Brushless DC motor with electronic speed control
- Heating capacity (W): 1300
- Temperature range heating bath (ºC): 20-210
- Temperature accuracy bath (±ºC): 1
- Disconnection against overheating: 250ºC / 5ºC above the set temperatura
- Rotation speed range (rpm): 10-280
- Volume heating bath (l): 4,5
- Permissible ambient conditions: 5-31 ºC at 80 %RH
- Dimensions with G3, WxHxD: 477x739x845 mm
- Dimensions with G3 XL, WxHxD: 477x739x920 mm
- Weight without glass: 16 kg
- Protection: IP42 (control panel) and IP67 (bath)
- Warranty: 3 years

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