GC Agar Base

Particularly suitable base medium for the isolation and cultivation of fastidious microorganisms.
This base serves to prepare different medium:
- Chocolate Agar: Medium for growth of pathogens such as Haemophilus influenzae. This medium has to be boiled for the typical dark chocolate. You need addition of blood.
- Thayer Martin Agar (TMA): Medium for the isolation of Neisseria. Necessary to add supplements to the base medium:
     - Haemoglobin
     - VCNT Selective Supplement (Art. No.:06-142LYO1): 1 vial per 500ml
       average basis.
     - GPS - Growth Promotion Supplements (Art. No.:06-144LYO1): 1 vial
       500ml each medium base. (This added supplement improves cell recovery
- Transgrow Agar: Medium for cultivation and transportation of Neisseria. Is the same as the TMA but dispensed in tubes and solidified horizontally.

In media like Thayer Martin and Chocolate agar N. gonorrheae and N. meningitidis produce colourless and translucent colonies.
Antibiotic incorporated in the medium with the inhibitory supplement (Art. No: 06-141LYO1) avoid the growth of almost all the non pathogen micro organisms included in the sample, including the saprophytic species of Neisseria.

NOTE: For ready-to-use media in Petri dish format, see Thayer Martin VCNT

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