Mission, vision & values


We are here to…
  • Contribute to simplifying and contributing to the daily tasks of our users through our products and services.
  • Offer products and services that gain our clients’ trust.
  • Distribute products that meet our quality and service criteria.
  • Treat each client in such a memorable way that they tell others of their good experience.
  • Promote our team’s personal and professional development.


We want to be a company that…
  • Is recognised by society, collaborators, clients, suppliers and investors for its professionalism and values.
  • Thinks about and invests in the long term, not only in assets, but also in people.
  • Is capable of adapting to change and satisfying the present and future needs of a scientific community on a global scale.
  • Counts on satisfied employees, who strive for perfection and continuous improvement.


Our raison d’être and how we act are based on…
  • Wowing our clients through our service, bettering our clients’ expectations.
  • Building honest relationships through open communication.
  • Efficiency: doing more with less.
  • The will to progress and the courage to face challenges with regard to improving service and quality.
  • Commitment to the personal and professional development of our collaborators.
  • Working with passion, happiness and enthusiasm.
  • Respect for the environment in all our initiatives.