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Aquagent® Complet 5 (AQ0015) Mettler Toledo application note

In the promotion of our new Aquagent® Complet 5 (AQ0015), the equipment manufacturer Mettler Toledo has published an Application Note with their seal, using the new Scharlau reagent for volumetric Karl Fischer titration, where the benefits of our new (reformulated) product are demonstrated.

It is a very complete technical document, which could be summarised in the following points:

  • The stability factor for seven days is very good. This conclusion can be extrapolated to longer time periods.
  • The reaction times of the new Aquagent® Complet 5 are very good (fast).
  • The factor is adjusted to the upper limit of the specification (5.5 mg water / ml product). This allows to extend the product shelf life (3 years).
  • The pretitration (first titration, without the equipment being set with the reagent itself) is very fast. This demonstrates the good reactivity of the new formulation (kinetics).
  • The reaction of Aquagent® Complet 5 with Methanol Fast (ref. AQ0011) is, in all cases, faster than using dry methanol (ref. ME0304).

    These tests and subsequent conclusions were made by Dr. Cosimo de Caro, a top specialist in the world of KF and author of several books on the technique. He is a leading expert on the subject.

    The Application Note is available on Mettler Toledo’s website, as well as in the “Applications” section at Scharlab’s website.

    For more information or to request samples, contact us at helpdesk@scharlab.com.

Application Note Karl Fisher