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Aquagent® New Coulometric Formulations – Mettler Toledo Application Note

After demonstrating and documenting the effectiveness and quality of Aquagent® volumetric reagents for Karl Fischer, the prestigious equipment manufacturer Mettler Toledo has tested and verified the new formulations of Scharlau’s Aquagent® coulometric reagents. On this occasion, they have also issued a technical document highlighting the advantages of our new products.

The conclusions presented in this application note are as follows:

  • The new Aquagent® KF Coulometric reagents A, AG, and CG from Scharlau work perfectly with the Compact Cx KF coulometric titrators from METTLER TOLEDO.
  • Aquagent® KF Coulometric reagents can be used with both diaphragm and non-diaphragm cells.
  • A shorter measurement time is observed with A and GC compared to the combination of AG and CG, although in both cases, the measurement times are low. The precision, dispersion and recovery rate are very good in both cases, so it can be affirmed that it is possible to use reagent A (anolyte) or reagent AG (anolyte) in combination with reagent CG (catholyte).
  • Excellent recovery rates have been obtained for the 1 mg/g (1000 ppm) standard for all the reagents and cells used, with values ranging from 98.4% to 99.9%.
  • Good recovery rates (97.9% to 106.9%) have been achieved for the 0.1 mg/g (100 ppm) standard. Given that the water content is very low, a higher deviation from the certified values of the water standard is to be expected.
  • Recovery rates exceeding 100% are mainly observed in non-diaphragm cells.
  • The precision, expressed as the relative standard deviation (RSD) in %, is very good for the 1 mg/g standard, with results ranging from 0.2% to 0.6%. The same trend is observed for the 0.1 mg/g standard.

The application note has been issued by Dr. Cosimo de Caro, senior KF specialist at Mettler Toledo (Switzerland), and author of multiple books and scientific articles on the technique. In this application note, reagents for both diaphragm and non-diaphragm cells have been tested, with the references involved being as follows:

For non-diaphragm cells:

  • Aquagent® Coulometric AG – Anolyte (AQ0058)

For diaphragm cells:

  • Aquagent® Coulometric A – Anolyte (AQ0018)
  • Aquagent® Coulometric AG – Anolyte (AQ0058)
  • Aquagent® Coulometric CG – Catholyte (AQ0014)

The Application Note is available for download on the Scharlab website under “Applications” and on the Mettler Toledo website.

For further information or to request samples, please contact us at helpdesk@scharlab.com.

Aquagent® Karl Fischer Nuevas formulaciones Coulombimétricos - Nota de aplicación de Mettler Toledo