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New Scharlau glass condenser designs: transforming the distillation process

We are pleased to present two new condenser models designed and manufactured for Scharlau by Afora.

Glass condensers are used in the laboratory to cool and condense vapours in a variety of processes. Some common applications are the condensation of vapours, solvent extraction, reaction cooling, distillation, and the cooling of apparatus. These glassware parts are widely used to control temperature and to separate compounds in different laboratory experiments. There are different models on the market for each application: straight (Liebig), spiral (Dimroth), bulbs (Allihn), etc.

The two new models comprise two parts: a glass tube with ground glass or SAV thread and an internal tube, either coiled or cold-finger as a second component. The objective of both models is to provide better functionality to classic condensing by allowing to carry out different tests with just one model, thus permitting custom testing for the user according to application needs.

Some of the advantages of the new designs are: high condensing capacity in a reduced space, able to work at low pressure, vapour evacuation, sublimation, as well as other advantages.

You can find the Product Info for both models with more details about the redesign of the glass condensers, as well as the references available in stock.

Product Info DImroth
Product Info Liebig-West

For more information, contact us at: consultas@scharlab.com.
New Scharlau glass condenser designs