Other services

Scharlab offers to our customers the following services:

  • In house Calibration of volumetric material according to ISO 17025:2017 by our accredited calibration laboratory.
  • Supply and colouring in amber of glassware for light sensitive products. Unlike transparent glass, the transmission of amber glass is less than 10% within the wavelength range between 300-500 nm.
  • Acid etching for all types of pieces. It makes the volumetric graduation of the pieces last forever. This technique is very useful for petrochemical industries, where petroleum derivates are very aggressive with silkscreen printing on glass.
  • Polymer coating for laboratory bottles in order to prevent spillage in case of glassware breakage. This also prevents the loss of content inside the bottle.
  • Manufacture under ISO, ASTM, etc rules. Our experience and knowledge are made available for the manufacture of parts in line with all kinds of regulations.
  • Possibility to manufacture quartz pieces. Quartz resists working temperatures up to 1000°C.
  • Use of high-quality compounds. We work with Duran® borosilicate 3.3 glass, and we can also work with PTFE, stainless steel or Hastelloy®, very chemical resistant compounds.
  • Product demonstration. Would you like to know if our minireactor can be integrated into your processes? Request a DEMO of the minireactor which best suits your needs. We offer all our clients and any interested parties the possibility of requesting a demonstration in their laboratory.