About us

At Scharlab we design, manufacture and distribute products and services supporting scientists to achieve a better world.

About us

Scharlab is the epicentre of the Scharlau Science Group, a business group made up of 3 corporations. 

Headquartered in Barcelona with subsidiarias in Italy and the Philippines, Scharlab has established itself as a global supplier in the Spanish market.

Providing day-to-day solutions for research, quality control, environmental and production laboratories, hits main product lines are chemicals, microbiology, chromatography, laboratory glassware, safety and instruments.


years manufacturing laboratory chemicals and culture media for microbiology.


Around 350 employees in 7 countries.


Extensive international presence with distribution in more than 100 countries.


Discover the history of Scharlab, from its founding until the present.

Our team

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Scharlab’s commitment reaches beyond its clients; society, environment and the staff themselves form its backbone.

Mission, vision & values

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Quality, certification and accreditation

Our Focus on quality and the environment is paramount in every product that we manufacture.


Learn more about how Scharlab works to ensure the minimum impact of our activity on nature.

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