Cookies policy

By this Policy, SCHARLAB, S.L. (hereon, “SCHARLAB”) aims to inform you in a clearly and precisely way about the cookies we use, indicating what is a cookie and what are they for, what type of cookies do we use, what is its purpose and how can you configurate or disable them, as other any necessary information.

1. What is a cookie and what are they for?

Cookies are small piece of text sent to your browser by a website you visit. They can be downloaded in your computer, mobile phone or any other access device. Cookies allow, among others, to store and recover information about user’s browsing habits. Depending on the information they keep and the way your device is used, they can also recognize the user.

Cookies can be both “session” (are lost when the browser closes) and “persistent” (contains an expiration date). Besides, there are “first-party” (those who are created and managed by the website responsible, in this case, SCHARLAB) and “third-party” (those who are managed by services suppliers not related to SCHARLAB).

2. What type of cookies do we use?

You will find a list below of cookies we use. You can accept or reject them checking the box located next to the types of cookies, which request your consent. You will be able to modify your selection at any time.


Technical cookies

These cookies are essential and help to the correct functioning of the website and to provide the service offered and requested by a user. They allow, for example, to monitor the web traffic and the data communication or using security tools.

First-party or third-partySupplierPurposeExpiration dateType
First-partyScharlabTo increase the speed of server requests.1 dayHTTP
First-partyScharlabTo record the visitor’s cookies configuration.24 monthsHTTP
Third-partyGoogleTo identify what kind of device or browser is using the visitor. This allows to format the website.SessionPixel
Third-partyGoogleTo check if the visitor’s browser allows cookies.1 dayHTTP

Preferences cookies

These cookies allow the user to access to the website services with some specifications that difference their experience from other users, as language configuration. See Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy from other suppliers for more information. The acceptance or rejection of these cookies will be just effective for those situations where the user does not choose expressly the website personalization preferences.

First-party or third-partySupplierPurposeExpiration dateType
Third-partyGoogleTo record the visitor’s preferences when watching Youtube videos embedded.PersistentHTML

Analytical cookies

These cookies allow the visitor’s behavior track and analysis getting and providing anonymous information. See Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy from other suppliers for more information.

First-party or third-partyProveedorFinalidadExpiration dateType
Third-partyGoogleTo keep data about how many times an user has visited the website. Also records the date of the first and last visit.2 yearsHTTP
Third-partyGoogleTo record temporary stamp with the exact hour a user visits the website in order to calculate the visit duration.1 dayHTTP
Third-partyGoogleTo record data about user’s location, what is its search engine, what links have clicked, and the key words used.6 monthsHTTP
Third-partyGoogleTo record an unique identification to keep statistics about videos watched by the visitor.SessionHTTP


Advertising cookies

These cookies store visitor’s behavior information got by the continuous analysis of their browsing habits which allows to develop a specific profile to show relevant advertisement depending on each visitor. However, the company who manage this type of cookies may use them with other purposes. See Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy from other suppliers for more information.

First-party or third-partySupplierPurposeExpiration dateType
Third-partyGoogleUsed by Google DoubleClick to record and inform about the visitor’s actions on the website after seeing or clicking in one of the advertisements with the purpose of tracking its efficacy and show new relevant advertisement for the visitor.1 yearHTTP
Third-partyGoogleTo track wether the visitor has shown any interest on any product or event through different websites and know their browsing behaviour. Used to calculate advertisement efforts and to facilitate broadcast ratio.SessionPixel
Third-partyGoogleTries to calculate the bandwidth with integrated Youtube videos.179 daysHTTP


3. Managing cookies in your browser

You can reject your consent to the use of cookies and disable cookies already installed by the website configuration on this website at any time.

Also, you can reject your consent to the use of cookies and disable or delete installed ones in your device through the browser options configuration. You can do the following:

  • Private browsing, your browser stops storing your browsing history, passwords, cookies and other information on websites you visit.
  • Not tracking function, the browser asks websites you visit for not tracking your browsing habits, as showing relevant advertisement.

You will find below the links to the mainly browsers official support in order you can access and manage their use of cookies:

The links can be updated by browser’s owners. In case some of the links do not work or be updated, you can see “Help” in your browser and follow the steps they indicate. Also, if you wish to have a bigger control of cookies installation, you can use other programs known as “Do Not Track” tools.

Without limiting the foregoing, you should be noted if some cookies are disabled, your browsing experience will not be the best and also less functional.

4. Data processing through cookies

4.1. Data controller

VAT: ESB63048540
Address: Gato Pérez 33, Pol. Ind. Mas d’en Cisa, 08181, Sentmenat, Barcelona
Telephone: + 34 937 456 418

However, SCHARLAB, S.L. (hereon, “SCHARLAB”) is not responsible for third-parties processing.

4.2. Transfer to third-countries

We inform you that we can share information with some companies that are located outside the European Economic Area. In such case, SCHARLAB will only transfer your data if it is legitimated for it, and after complying with the guarantees established in article 44 to 50 of the GDPR.

In other communications, SCHARLAB will give you more details about the international transfers that affect you.

4.3. Data conservation

Data will be processed while your consent is in force. After that, data will be kept blocked according to expiration date of each action.

Reasonable measures will be taken to guarantee your data will be modified or deleted when they are inaccurate.

4.4. More information

Please help us indicating your ID number and your consent date when asking for cookies consent on SCHARLAB website.

See our Privacy Policy for more information.

5. Changes to our cookies policy

This Cookies Policy could be modified at any time. When significative changes are made, we will post a notice on our website.