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Everything for University and research centre laboratories

10 de November de 2023

To meet their educational and research needs, University and research centre laboratories require products and services that keep up with the latest technical innovations, with a particular emphasis on training and dissemination services.

Scharlab offers a wide range of solutions for University and research centre laboratories.

Scharlau’s new chromatography columns 

Scharlau has designed a revolutionary glass chromatography column that can be customised according to the research project. Its modular design and easy maintenance mean it is perfect for separating and analysing chemical compounds, improving on traditional standard chromatography columns.

Chromatography courses

Scharlab offers chromatography courses adapted to the needs of each client and taught by highly qualified and experienced personnel. The courses take place in a real working environment, with advanced technical content and real applications. We also offer various chromatography support services, such as method development, column selection and column troubleshooting.

Culture media

Modular equipment for the preparation, sterilisation, dispensing and filling of ready-to-use plates using dehydrated culture media. Particularly useful when preparing a large number of plates or tubes.              

Bulk culture media

Large format presentations, 5 and 25 kg, for laboratories with a high consumption of culture media.

TLC plates

Scharlau TLC plates provide a high degree of separation thanks to the narrow distribution of the silica gel particles. The layer of silica that homogeneously coats the substrate has an ideal thickness and hardness to produce highly efficient separation. Each batch of TLC plates is chemically and physically tested by our Quality Control department to ensure batch-to-batch and layer-to-layer reproducibility.

Scharlau minireactors 

Glass minireactors, available in various sizes up to 2000 mL and with heated and jacketed options, are ideal for chemical synthesis. They offer precise control over temperature and stirring, together with robust materials and built-in safety, as well as being versatile and durable. Furthermore, their ease of installation and customisation make them the perfect choice. 

These are just some of the products and services available for University and research centre laboratories. For more information or to find out about other products and services, write to helpdesk@scharlab.com.


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