Agitatore magnetico con riscaldamento Agimatic-Rev-E

Reversible magnetic stirrers
- Electronic digital control of stir speed and heater temperature
- For speeds from 50 to 1500rpm
- For adjustable temperatures from 50ºC to 350ºC
- Precision ± 2ºC
- Maximum stir volume: 10 litres
- Plate diameter is 14,5cm
- Magnetic reversible action stirrers, with adjustable time stirring periods and precise speed control, provides the following advantages for repeat processes: faster mixing, reduced stirring time, controllable vortex effect, quickly eliminates air from within the sample mixture, degassing and minimum splashing, no loss of sample
- Select movement for one direction or reverse
- Electronic control of the frequency inverting period, from 10-30 seconds
- With safety ring against spills
- Silumin upper plate covered by aisi 304 stainless steel
- Power supply: 230 V

Control panel:
- Digital display indicating stir speed or temperature
- Push button, parameter selector, Stir speed, Temperature or reverse stir speed time
- Push button, increase parameter value
- Push button, decrease parameter value
- Indictor lamp, safety thermostat 'on'
- Push button Start-Stop
- Connection at the back to connect: Electronic thermometer 'SENSOTERM II', Electronic Temperature Regulator 'ELECTEMP'
- Temperature Sensor PT100
- Supplied with PTFE coated stir bar of Ø 8 x 40mm long

intuitive, easy and direct handling equipment, with multiple virtual buttons and icons representative.
Large amount of information displayed on a single screen.
State of the process and their sequences by real-time graphical representations.
Data logging, incidents and history.
User Guide on the screen itself.

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