Aquagent® New Coulometric Formulations – Mettler Toledo Application Note

After demonstrating and documenting the effectiveness and quality of Aquagent® volumetric reagents for Karl Fischer, the prestigious equipment manufacturer Mettler Toledo has tested and verified the new formulations of Scharlau’s Aquagent® coulometric reagents. On this […]


Scharlab obtains the REDUZCO Carbon Footprint label

As part of Scharlab’s integrated management policy aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our activities, we have obtained the REDUZCO Carbon Footprint label. Since 2019, SCHARLAB has been calculating the carbon footprint of its […]


New Schlenk component for experiments in inert atmospheres

Scharlau presents its innovative new Schlenk adapter, a glassware accessory for transforming reactions under inert or controlled vacuum atmospheres. This adapter is designed to open up new options and optimise the efficiency in each experiment […]


New Scharlab corporate website

Scharlab presents its new corporate website with many new features and improvements on the previous website to offer a better user experience. The most significant developments are listed below: Online shop integrated with the corporate […]


Scharlab with the environment

At Scharlab we believe that the environment is the basis for our future. For this reason, it is one of our main commitments and little by little we are making progress in our aim to […]


Installation of photovoltaic solar panels at Scharlab’s chemical plant

Within the framework for sustainability at the Chemical Plant, and as an objective of reducing its carbon footprint, Scharlab has installed solar panels at its Chemical Plant which will be able to generate 30% of […]


New brochure for the petrochemical industry

At Scharlab we are aware of the importance of crude oil analysis and the refined products produced. Most of the obtained products in this industry can be classified, in order of annual production, in Diesel, […]


Aquagent® Complet 5 (AQ0015) Mettler Toledo application note

In the promotion of our new Aquagent® Complet 5 (AQ0015), the equipment manufacturer Mettler Toledo has published an Application Note with their seal, using the new Scharlau reagent for volumetric Karl Fischer titration, where the […]


Application notes from Metrohm and Hanna with Aquagent®

Following up on the promotion of the new Aquagent® Complet 5 (AQ0015), and after receiving the Application Note from Mettler Toledo with very good results, we are also pleased to share the Application Notes from […]


Next level chromatography: new glassware column design

We are pleased to present the new Scharlau chromatography column. Glass chromatography columns are highly valued in varied applications due to their high resistance to chemicals and their ability to withstand high temperatures. Among common […]


New Scharlau glass condenser designs: transforming the distillation process

We are pleased to present two new condenser models designed and manufactured for Scharlau by Afora. Glass condensers are used in the laboratory to cool and condense vapours in a variety of processes. Some common […]