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Application Notes from Metrohm and Hanna with Aquagent®

Following up on the promotion of the new Aquagent® Complet 5 (AQ0015), and after receiving the Application Note from Mettler Toledo with very good results, we are also pleased to share the Application Notes from two other global Karl Fischer equipment manufacturers: Metrohm and Hanna.

From Metrohm they tested the Scharlau reagents for Karl Fischer using their OMNIS titration system and the conclusions received were the following:

• The determinations were fast and reproducible

• Very few deviations

• The Methanol Fast (AQ0011) accelerates titration and is recommended for use for two-component reagents

On the part of Hanna, a HI933 volumetric titrator was used, concluding that clear graphs and repetitive results were obtained. Thus allowing to determine the water content more quickly, repetitively and accurately.
The Application Notes are available on the Metrohm and Hanna websites, as well as in the “Applications” section on Scharlab’s website.

For more information or to request samples, please contact us at: consultas@scharlab.com.